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A few of my favourite things....

I LOVE so many things about White Lotus...Each day I look around me to find that I am surrounded by beauty and magic, some things remain solid and secure....other things such as our natural habitat move in and out of their fleeting lifespans within each season.    I find great pleasure in transforming both my inner and outer worlds... restoring an old piece of furniture that holds even just a hint of digging new garden and rekindling my relationship with my living/working environment to feel nourished, supported and inspired.   I guess in a way....White Lotus is my canvas...

and I am its Curator, re-arranging, nurturing and drawing from my wellspring of my visions, ideas and dreams .  

On this page, I would like to share from time to time some of my favourite things in our lives here at White Lotus.

I hope you enjoy!

Faded Sandpaper

MIKA the Japanese Spitz joined the family almost 3 years ago. He is the most delightful dog who has filled our world with pure joy.   Our previous dog, Raffy became quite well-known with Guests and Clients for his cheeky personality and beautiful nature. 

Raffy died at the age of 15 and exactly 12 months after...Mika arrived....It is as if he has always been here.


Last year during our first Covid lockdown, we worked extremely hard re-furbishing this space with the addition of the Lounge room, re-painting throughout and including some new furniture and decor. 

We decided to showcase some of the history of this property...The Old Narbethong Post Office   by introducing a feature wallpaper from an old photograph taken at the front of the original house here during the early 1900's.  

This old sepia image includes Jack Bloss...the local Coachdriver....Mrs Elizabeth Lindt from the Hermitage on the Black Spur and Annie Williams...the Postmistress here at that time.

This wonderful mural completely covers one wall in the kitchen area....creating a fusion of old and new.  Another creative project successfully completed for the added comfort and pleasure of our Guests.

breakfast basket.jpg
Faded Sandpaper

doTERRA Essential oils have been a relatively new and welcomed addition to my Therapy Room and for my own personal use, on a daily basis.

I had been looking for a new line of oils that I could trust to include with treatments and one of my lovely clients introduced me to doTerra.  A world within itself is this company....offering me an opportunity to introduce oils through a medium whereby I could be guided and supported.

I was also very interested in adding to the Spa Menu, the

Aromatouch Technique a Therapeutic treatment based on the safe use of a well collaborated collection of the doTerra Essential Oil range.

This treatment is so deeply relaxing....quite transformational really...I remember my first experience...I was left speechless.

I have to say, that these oils are my absolute #1 'go to' for stress relief maintenance...I don't leave home without a bottle in my bag or in the car...and a daily ritual takes place to apply and inhale these little powerhouses of pure energy.

Aromatherapy...assists me to stay focused, feel rejuvenated, uplifted and nourished by the benefits of inhaling and absorbing these high grade oils. 

Faded Sandpaper

Below is a beautiful testimonial from Guests who visited some time ago.  I have met so many amazing people who all seem to leave their imprint here within our minds, the buildings and in the ether.   Some become dear and trusted friends...some drop in and out like rainbows on a sunny day and others are true constants...returning time and time again to create more special memories here at White Lotus.

We're not really sure how to put into words how moved & overwhelmed we are from our first visit to your beautiful & serene getaway. We were looking for somewhere to escape to, somewhere we could begin to heal, somewhere to reconnect, somewhere to exhale. And unbelievably (but believably) we got all that, and SO much more. We we will be back, thank you so very much

- Alex & Robbie

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