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Spa Therapies



Within the hands of the Therapist lies the power of touch to assist the healing process. Your Massage Therapy includes gentle body palming & warm oil infusions for the relief of stress and fatigue. 


RELAXATION MASSAGE                            60min $95          90min  $140

An holistic & revitalising experience, utilising nourishing oils with botanical extracts to melt away body tension and stress.  Incorporating hot stones for deep relaxation.

Add  China Rose Hair Ritual          15min  $35

Add  Petite Facial                            30min  $50

HAWAIIAN HOT STONE MASSAGE                                        90min $160

Smooth stones are heated, adjusted in cool salt water pots & luxuriously massaged with warm oils & placed along the body to dissolve muscle tension, tiredness & general fatigue.  Coupled with hands on massage, this ancient healing sequence is the ultimate treatment for one in need of deep rest, a gentle detox & rejuvenation for the whole body.   A truly sublime experience!

CHAKRA BALANCE MASSAGE                                                90min $150

A smooth flowing massage using warm organic oil, hot stones and therapeutic essential oils to promote stillness & deep relaxation within the body's energy systems.  Each of the seven etheric Chakra points within in the body are gently cleansed, balanced & attuned with the assistance of colour, crystals & sound toning for a subtle enhancement of ones energy and overall sense of wellbeing.  Your Chakra system governs all aspects of your physical/emotional/mental wellbeing - this Therapy assists in harmonising your complete Chakra grid.




Therapies inspired by Ancient Cultures to awaken and invoke a sense of ritual, deep nurturing and a connection back to oneself.

AERACURA   (New Beginnings)                                        105mins  $195

Relaxation Massage

Luminous Facial

A full body Relaxation Massage using warm oils, essences and hot stones to dissolve tension and release stress.  You will then drift into an even deeper state of peace as your Luminous Facial with pure botanical plant extracts uplifts & restores hydration & nourishment to your skin.  You will emerge feeling calm, balanced & peaceful .

BUTTERFLY MAIDEN  (Transformation)                               4hrs  $490

Bamboo & Ginseng Body Polish

Aromatherapy Spa Soak

Relaxation Massage 

Luminous Facial

Vegetarian Spa Lunch

This ultimate Spa package is for total rejuvenation beginning with a refreshing body polish to gently buff and tone the skin followed by a deeply relaxing aromatherapy spa bath to soothe any last traces of fatigue.  A light Spa Lunch is served before your journey continues with a full body Relaxation Massage using warm oils, essences and hot stones.  A Luminous Facial to refresh and hydrate your skin will complete this transformational experience.

     * Bookings 1 week in advance required for this Spa Package




At White Lotus Day Spa we use Australian Skincare brand USPA with the trusted ingredients of precious oils, herbs & botanical extracts to revitalise, hydrate & purify - resulting in healthy glowing skin.


LUMINOUS FACIAL                                                                 60min  $120

An holistic approach to revitalising the complexion with carefully selected plant extracts and oils to firm and nourish the skin.  The journey of aromas is complimented with meditative scalp pressure points.  This uplifting experience results in glowing skin and leaves your entire being transformed.

Add Cleansing Foot Ritual               30min  $30

Add China Rose Hair Ritual             15min  $35

Add  Petite Massage                         30min  $50








All Spa Therapies for the body are designed to assist restoration and balance, delivering ultimate therapeutic benefits to the skin and harmonising your whole being. 

BODY EXFOLIATIONS                                                                 90min  $160


Ginseng & Bamboo Body Polish

Organic Coffee & Sea Kelp Scrub

Choose between a soothing Body Polish with ginseng, lavender and bamboo or nutrient rich Contour Scrub with invigorating coffee and sea kelp.  After your chosen product is gently worked into your skin to buff and cleanse away all traces of fatigue, you will enjoy a warm  rinse.  To complete, superior hydration is smoothed into the body for soft and nourished skin.  This superb skin-renewal therapy is complete with an uplifting Uspa Petite Facial.

                                      Ginseng & Bamboo Body Polish  

                              For Normal & Sensitive Skin types

                                     Organic Coffee & Sea Kelp Scru 

                    Refines congested/textured skin & for general detox 

         Contra-indicated for pregnancy & those avoiding caffeine & iodine


ORGANIC COCO CREAM BODY WRAP                                90min  $140

Therapeutic dry brushing prepares your skin for the application of a meltingly delicious Coconut Oil & Cocoa Seed Butter Mask.  You are then wrapped in a luxurious warm linen wrap with the aroma of vanilla and bergamot providing an uplifting sensory experience.  Enjoy the nourishment of a Uspa Petite Facial whilst cocooned and then to complete, the nutrient rich body butter is further massaged in, leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth.


                               Hydrating - for dry & mature skin


DETOX COFFEE CONTOUR WRAP                                        90min  $160

The ultimate skin detox treatment. Coffee & Sea Kelp is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to increase cellular metabolism and relieve sluggish skin.  Fine ground Pumice and organic coffee gives the skin an invigorating exfoliation whilst Grapefruit and Vanilla uplifts the senses.  You are wrapped in natural linen to aid product absorption and then rinsed in a luxurious warm shower.

A Uspa Petite Facial ensures skin is left hydrated and rejuvenated.

            Detoxifying - for eliminating toxins & relieving muscular aches

          Contra-indicated for pregnancy & those avoiding caffeine & iodine


                      HANDS & FEET

             Manicures and Pedicures by request only









A few precious hours together to breathe deeply & sit quietly as the outside world melts away.  Time to re-connect and indulge in this luxurious selection of Therapies.

AMORE                                               Couples Spa Package   4hrs  $520

Aromatherapy Spa Soak for two

Gourmet Vegetarian Lunch

Two Relaxation Massages & Petite Facials

The ultimate package to unwind and reconnect with your loved one.  Begin with a soothing Aromatherapy Spa Soak to melt away tension & relax deeply, followed by a delicious Vegetarian lunch for two.

A warm oil and hot stone body massage will induce a sense of balance and calm and your refreshing Uspa Botanical Facial will deeply cleanse and nourish your skin.  You will emerge feeling relaxed & renewed.


                        Couples Therapies are received alternatively

                  Special dietary requirements catered for on request

     Bookings required 1 week in advance for this Spa Package


A gentle stress release spa journey for mother and babe to

connect with each other through breath, heartbeat & intuitive awareness.

JUNO MOTHER MOON                                                            90min  $150

Soothing Milk & Honey Foot Soak

Refreshing Facial

Gentle Massage (Neck/Shoulders/Arms/Hands or Feet)

A milk, honey & chamomile foot bath to soothe & soften along with foot scrub of crushed sea salts, organic coconut blends & wild honey.  A nourishing USPA Facial to refresh & uplift along with Relaxation Massage to ease away tension & fatigue.  Guided breath work & visualisation will connect mother & baby.

A pregnancy spa treatment designed purely for relaxation purposes 

Massage & Skincare products are carefully selected

to support the well-being of mother & baby




                                                                                                       60min   $95


The doTERRA Aromatouch technique is a beautiful Therapy using certified pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils applied gently to the back & feet.  A deeply relaxing Hot Stone back-welcoming Massage will soothe & release tension in tired muscles to prepare your skin for this uplifting essential oil experience.

Beginning with your Hot Stone Back Massage to prepare your skin for your Aromatouch sensory journey where eight exclusive oil blends including Clove Bud, Cinnamon, Grapefruit & German Camomile (to name a few) are gently applied along the spine in raindrops to then be lightly feathered in with smooth flowing strokes.  Your feet are not forgotten....they will also be anointed, kneaded & massaged  mindfully with Wild Orange & Peppermint essential oils to activate & flush the lymphatics.   Prepare to be aromatically transformed.

             This Therapy is a MUST for all lovers of high quality essential

                                               oils....absolutely DIVINE


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